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How to Stack and Cure Firewood

Burning Clean Starts with Curing your Wood

If you burn wood for heat learning how to stack it properly is essential. Well dried wood ("seasoned" wood) burns cleaner, starts quicker and is more efficient.

If you just throw your firewood in a pile you're adding months to the drying cycle. Wood is in a way like a sponge. If the end can collect water its just going to soak in.

Here are some tips, examples and links for how to stack wood: 

Split, Stack, Cover, Store:
Simple Steps for stacking an drying

From Mother Earth News

Creativity in wood piles (video)

Round wood piles (also called "Holz Hausen", Beehive, or Amish piles)

Images of wood piles (Google)

How to Stack Firewood - Split, Stack, Cover and Store  (Youtube) 


Are you a proud wood burning Oregonian?

Send us your pics of those awesome wood piles! Email to Harvey Gail, OHPBA Executive Director.

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