Information for Consumers and Home Owners on Gas Ban Proposals

Gas Bans

Ok, what is this? Around the country, cities and municipalities are considering proposals to limit use of natural gas in new construction. Some proposals offer incentives for electric options for heating and cooking as opposed to using natural gas. Some have proposed outright bans on natural gas (also referred to as "fossil" gas). These efforts, also known as "forced electrification," are being promoted by climate activists in an effort to combat climate change. However the reality of  of banning natural gas has far reaching impacts on consumer's energy choice and housing costs. Home owners, or potential home buyers should spend time researching this trend to determine how it will impact them.

This is a case of ideology (that we should protect the planet) versus reality (that actually doing this could cause more problems than it solves). Many organizations are rallying to provide information for people so they can make up their own minds about this issue. Think of situations like power outages from storms. 

Example - Eugene Looks to Limit Natural Gas

Eugene city councilors are looking into NW Natural's franchise fees as a way to regulate the use and expansion of natural gas in the city. The effort is part of the city's sustainability program and climate recovery ordinance. This is new territory. For a city to use franchise fees in this way is unprecedented. This effort may fly under the radar for most citizens who would likely pay a lot more for gas service. READ MORE

Information for Consumers

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