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Covid 19  Virus Update 2020

Due to the Covid-19 virus response, Governor Kate Brown issued Executive Order 20-12 on March 23, 2020.  The executive order prohibits "furniture stores" from being open to the public. That's the closest thing that resembles a hearth, patio and barbecue store. There are no stated restrictions to service companies, like fireplace installers, HVAC, plumbers,  and chimney sweeps.

State of Oregon Cornona Virus Page, click HERE

Here is some general advice for retailers in Oregon now that counties are entering Phase 2. 

  • Pay close attention to the staffing restrictions and policies to maintain social distancing.
  • If you offer service prepare a detailed policy on how that will be handled and send it out to your retail and service customers.
  • Update your websites and social media pages with specifically worded policies that comply with the Governor's Phase 2 criteria. 
  • Ensure the safety of your employees and customers while doing this by disinfecting surfaces, washing hands and maintaining social distancing of 6 feet or more.
  • Train all your employees (especially service techs) on the proper use of personal protection equipment (PPE). Make sure each employee has their own PPE equipment.

Finally, be optimistic. Afterall, people are at home and probably using your products right now.  Consider uplifting messages through social media to encourage people to use their barbecues and fireplaces!

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