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Listing Your Pellet Stove on the Oregon Tax Credit (RETC) Program:
Information for Stove Manufacturers

NOTE: this program ends December 31, 2017.

Pellet stoves are eligible for Oregon Energy Tax Credits (called the Residential Energy Tax Credit or "RETC" program) if they are 2.5 gph or less. This is true even if they do not appear on the EPA list of certified stoves. However, to list them as eligible with Oregon, manufacturers must submit lab test results to the Oregon Dept. of Energy that show they meet the criteria.  Manufacturers will need to contact the Oregon Dept. of Energy (ODOE) directly if an appliance needs to be placed on the list or if there are questions about whether an appliance qualifies. Contact Maureen Bock, Energy Incentives Program Manager, 503-934-4004, maureen.p.bock@state.or.us.

Qualifications for the Oregon Tax Credit

“Very efficient biomass combustion devices” that qualify include EPA certified woodstoves and pellet stoves with the following criteria (new rules in effect January 1, 2014).

1. Woodstoves must be on the EPA list and have emissions 3.5 gph or less for wood and 2.5 or less for catalytic and pellet stoves.

2. Woodstoves must have a dedicated outside air intake system. The rules state a directly attached system is preferred, but it allows for a barometric pressure wall unit as long as it is that is near the stove. This is a good solution for qualifying wood or pellet inserts.

3. Must be for residential heating (less than one quarter million Btu per hour).

*The tax credit formula is based on an a formula that uses the appliance's efficiency (or if absent, a "default efficiency) to calculate the tax credit.

For more information about this rulemaking visit the Oregon Department of Energy online at: http://www.oregon.gov/energy/CONS/Pages/Rulemaking-RETC.aspx



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