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Department of Energy to Add Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces to Program 

The Oregon Department of Energy will filed new draft rules for the Residential Energy Tax Credit program in October, 2014. A public hearing was held on October 23, 9:30 am at the ODOE office in Salem. OHPBA was represented by Ed Loper, OHPBA President and Harvey Gail, OHPBA Lobbyist.

Effective January 1, 2015 direct vent gas fireplaces that have an efficiency of 70% or greater will be eligible for the tax credit. The standard of efficiency is measured by the CAN/CSA P.4.1 standard. They must also feature electronic ignition that is either intermittent or Pilot on Demand. 

Gas fireplaces with efficiency of 70 - 74% qualify for a $300 tax credit, over 75% they qualify for a $500 tax credit. Forms for the tax credit will be available on line at the Oregon Department of Energy's website in January.

The wood and pellet stove tax credit is ongoing. One change was added in the rule however. Now home owners must demonstrate that they also installed a carbon monoxide detector when their new stove was installed. Oregon Department of Energy should be replacing the 2013 tax credit form with the 2014 in the coming weeks. Click HERE for information on these programs.

OHPBA Spring Conference to be Held in Oregon May 18, 2015

Mark Your calendar! Next year OHPBA will hold its annual Spring Conference at the Holiday Inn Portland South, 25425 SW 95th Ave, Wilsonville, OR 97070 on Monday, May 18, 2015. The Holiday Inn has recently been remodeled. Its central location, affordable catering and wonderfully remodeled rooms make this the perfect place for our meeting. Our hotel offers complimentary high-speed wireless internet access throughout the entire hotel facility.

The Holiday Inn Portland South also features 24-hour concierge service and convenient on-site dining at their BooneTown Bistro and  Bar.

Our committee will begin to develop the program which will include sales and marketing, government affairs and education and certification courses through National Fireplace Institute. We have partnered with NWHPBA to hold a joint conference, but next year the NWHPBA board chose to hold their own event in the Seattle area in April, so Oregon will have its own meeting.

Nashville Awaits!                    

EXPO 2015 - Innovations & Ideas for Indoor-Outdoor Living
Exhibition: March 5-7, 2015 | Education: March 4-7, 2015 | Music City Center, Nashville, TN
Register online for show badges, education, hotel reservations, flights and car rentals.  Be advised that onPeak is the official HPBA housing partner - do not be fooled by other travel companies claiming to be affiliated with HPBA. Through onPeak, HPBA is able to secure the lowest rates, best hotels and the most complimentary amenities during your stay in Music City, exclusive only to HPBExpo guests.
Stay Up-to-Date with HPBExpo 2015!  Bookmark the Expo's website, www.hpbexpo.com, to keep up-to-date on information for the HPBExpo 2015. View the current list of Exhibitors and review show logistics. Make your travel plans early; Nashville has a host of unique attractions, including the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, The Frist Center for the Visual Arts, the Grand Ole Opry, Cheekwood, The Hermitage, Ryman Auditorium and more.  Visit the About Nashville link for information on discount attraction tickets, restaurants, nightlife and more.
Learn how to get the most out of Expo!  Check out the latest blog post in Casual Living magazine for some great advice from your peers - http://www.casualliving.com/blogpost/13097-how-get-most-out-trade-shows.
Early reports are that exhibitor sign ups are almost 20% ahead of last year. The EXPO will be in the new Music Center Convention Hall in Downtown Nashville. In the heart of Nasville.  The venue is across the street from the Country Music Hall of Fame. The annual Tail Gate party is Thursday night, followed by the all industry party on that same night. So start planning your trip to Nashville for 2015. The website should be up and running in September at http://www.hpbexpo.com

Going to EXPO? Join your west coast Colleagues!

HPBA Wet Coast Affiliate’s Reception
Wednesday March 4, 2015
BB King's Blues Club Nashville
152 Second Avenue N, Nashville, TN 37201


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Government Affairs Updates

OHPBA Adds Services to Track Ordinances and Codes in Oregon

HPBA and the affiliates have joined together to purchase a valuable service for tracking local government regulations. In the past, it has been difficult to find out what is happening at the local level. The challenge is every local jurisdiction operates differently, and publicizes its legislative actions and purchasing decisions in many varied ways - if at all. The service from MultiState will track regulations other related documents at the city and county level.

HPBA already has services from CQ StateTrack which we use to flag legislation at the state level. However, we also need a service to flag city and county level legislation, which is where we have seen many codes, burn bans, licensing restrictions, and other concerning legislation pass through unchallenged.

Along with the work of Harvey Gail, OHPBA’s lobbyist, and the services from MultiState and CQ State Track OHPBA is in a much better position to track developments at all levels of government. Here's a summary of what MultiState Local Alert Services provides:
- Advanced notice whenever there is information on council and committee agendas, hearings, minutes, meetings and schedules for proposed ordinances, procurements or other local actions.
- Covers 38 Oregon cities and jurisdictions with populations levels of 25,000 and up
- Allows us to see what's going on in other states which can give us a heads up on regulatory trends.
- This is a great tool to help our Codes Coordinator.

National Level Government Affairs

Glass Fronts - A new safety standard comes into effect January 2015 for glass fronts on gas fireplaces. The revised standard takes effect January 1, 2015. Only compliant units may be manufactured after January 1, 2015. Non‐complying units can still be sold after the effective date. There is no deadline for such sales. Decorative elements are allowed. The new standard applies only to gas fireplaces and glass‐fronted heaters with glass surface temperatures that exceed 77.8°C or 172°F. It does not apply to solid‐fuel burning appliances.

Installers, be aware of these requirements. The manufacturer must supply a barrier on all glass‐fronted gas products with glass surface temperatures that exceed 77.8°C (172°F). A barrier must be in place when the product is installed. The installer must call the client's attention to the barrier and explain why it is required. Barriers are intended to protect children and other at‐risk individuals.

NSPS – This February, EPA will make its formal presentation of the proposed rules for NSPS.  A great time to get an update of all this will be at EXPO in Nashville. Earlier this year, HPBA delivered comments to EPA having to do with cordwood testing for both non-catalytic units and catalytic units. A lot of clarification is needed in that area. HPBA is fighting “steps 2/3” which HPBA says that EPA should not be asking for without appropriate information. HPBA is working with congress on bills in the house, and one in the Senate for next year. For more information contact: John Crouch at crouch@hpba.org.

DOE - The DOE has removed vented hearth heaters from their efficient requirements as dictated by the courts, but they have left in the AFUE numbers.  HPBA is working on HR 3761 that would protect decorative gas appliances from improper regulation. Chances of this legislation being passed this year are very slim, but it will lay the groundwork for next year. If you need more information concerning the DOE, please contact Ryan Carroll at carroll@hpba.org.

Federal Tax Credits -  HPBA encourages members to contact your Senator about Residential Energy Efficiency (25C), which includes a tax credit for biomass-fueled stoves. It is currently in the Senate Finance Committee, and it looks it has a good chance to pass, but not until after the elections. If it does, and that’s not for sure, then it will cover products installed this year and next year, 2015.

NFPA 211 - The NFPA 211 committee has come out with their revisions for the 2016 NFPA 211. Go to www.nfpa.org/211next to check out the revisions. Scroll down to “First Draft Ballot”. Be sure to check out the revisions for Sections 3, 6, 11, 12, & 13. Those are the revisions that HPBA are concerned about. If you have any questions, please contact Tom Stroud, stroud@hpba.org.

Around the State

Klamath Falls

The Klamath Falls area is a formal Nonattainment Area for the PM2.5 pollutant as designated by EPA and is currently classified as a “Moderate Nonattainment Area.”  Most of the PM2.5 pollution during a winter design day comes from residential wood heating devices, with a lesser amounts from industry, transportation and other sources.  Klamath County requires residents to avoid burning in their wood burning devices on “red days” when air quality is predicted to exceed the PM2.5 24-hour standard. 

Due to an extended air inversion weather pattern last year there is more pressure this fall for residents of Klamath Falls. Everyone will need to join together to avoid exceeding the standard this year. EPA has set a deadline of December 2014 to meet the standard.  The County is committed to making a special push this fall to encourage residents who burn wood to comply with the ordinance when there is a “red day.” In prior years, the County has issued exemptions to the “red day” rule in the ordinance but because this winter heating season is so critical to show compliance with the standard, the County is re-evaluating their exemption criteria.

According to Larry Calkins of DEQ, the County does their best to issue “red day” advisories in a manner that is fair to the public and still meets the objectives of compliance with the PM2.5 standard. Those with certified woodstoves still have many days in the winter where they can keep warm and heat their homes with their wood stoves.  In addition, the County, DEQ, SCOEDD and other agencies are working hard to find other sources of funding to help those in need stay warm in the winter. If everyone does their part, Klamath Falls may be able to meet the EPA standard and avoid further regulations.
Calkins notes the stakes are high. EPA will review the data over the last three years and if the data fails to meet the standard, EPA will re-designate Klamath Falls as a “Serious” Nonattainment Area. This could mean additional restrictions on industrial sources and to further limiting the use of wood stoves to those that are certified. Details of any of these proposals will need to be worked out.

For questions regarding the EPA requirements and the County’s approach to complying with the standards, please contact Ramona Quinn, Environmental Health Manager, Klamath County at 541-883-1122 or Larry Calkins, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality at 541-278-4612.


The City of Hillsboro recently held a Council meeting where they adopted a resolution that acknowledges their PM 2.5 attainment status. In the resolution, references were made to wood stoves in the third paragraph. 

According to City officials, the resolution will not "hold the weight of law" so to be workable, more specific language and rules will be adopted during a public input process starting in January.

The reference to "pollution control devices" is not technically accurate, but we can help define them and suggest which appliance should be allowed during times that have air quality problems. We want to make sure Hillsboro uses standard language that is commonly used in government and industry as it relates specifically to wood and pellet stoves.

Pricing Changes Made by Hearth Education Foundation

One of the topics at the  HPBEF Board of Governors meeting on July 25th was to adjust the prices for manuals, exams and other services. Unfortunately, HPBEF was forced to make some minor adjustments for financial reasons.  Most of the changes are minor.

Here are the differences. Shipping will be charged for manuals ordered at NFI Partner events.  NFI Review classes available online (all 6 Review Class sessions that were offered at HPBExpo 2014). Two sessions of each of the three fuel types are online (exam at a PSI/LaserGrade facility). The 6-hour class has been divided into sections for the online course. They removed the Manual, Exam & Online Subscription option and deleted the Online Subscription Group Package. The HPBExpo Non-Member price for NFI Exams was never brought in to alignment with our other Non-Member prices. Education Passport prices for Expo have gone up, but no longer required that attendees have a passport.  If you have any question about any of these changes, please feel free to contact Rick Vlahos, HPB Foundation www.hpbef.org.

Member Update

Look for your membership renewal invoice in the mail in December. Our year-end annual report is included in the mailing along with a flyer about EXPO in Atlanta. As a reminder, here are just some of the many benefits to your membership:
• Discounted EXPO badges and education passes including industry certification reviews & exams.
• Free admission to our HPBA west coast Reception in Nashville at BB Kings from 5:30 -8:30, March 4, 2015.
• Discounted admission to OHPBA’s annual meeting May 19 at the Holiday Inn, Wilsonville which provides education, vendor displays and networking.
• Up-to-date information on the continuing government legislation that threatens to put us all out of business!

We would like to welcome the following new members who joined in 2014:

Sunset Hearth and Home, Prineville, OR

Pyramid Heating and Cooling, Portland, OR

The Stove Store, Enterprise, OR



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