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President's Message

By Mike Kohn, OHPBA President 


We’re back from the Salt Lake City show (well, the 50 of us who went are) and we’ve seen some new products and connected with our fellow retailers. The trading of stories and updates are perhaps the most important part of the trade show. We learn quite a bit that way: What works and doesn’t work, new products, how problems were solved. And that’s one good reason to go to the Northwest show May 18-20th at the Red Lion Hotel in Olympia, WA.

There was a lot of relief expressed by those I talked to at the show. Business seems to be out of the doldrums of the last 5 or so years. Those of us still here are definitely survivors! But ‘out of the doldrums’ is a relative term throughout the state. Down here in southern Oregon, in the two counties we serve, unemployment is ‘down’ to 9.5% and 8.6%. It was 11.6% and 10.2% one year ago. To you Portland area dealers, those are probably pretty shocking numbers. Our challenges across the state can be quite different.

My sales reps tell me that most everyone’s business was up some in 2013. It looks like that trend will continue and we can be cautiously optimistic. That might mean we face the somewhat pleasant challenge of adding an employee or expanding in some way. That’s quite a change!

In the background, however, are these proposed new EPA NSPS rules which will in some way or another will tighten up the emission and/or efficient standards of wood burning appliances. Unlike previous rule changes, the EPA MUST consider the economic impact of any rule change. That means it is IMPERATIVE that we dealers, reps and manufacturers submit some sort of comment on the rule changes. The air quality lobby is strong and we will have to be loud to have our voice heard too.

Our OHPBA will be working hard to be informed, be active and be communicative on this and other issues. It’s not a time to sit back and let others do the work. Be informed and be part of the solutions!


Catching the Wave of the Building Industry

HPBA Region 9 Spring Conference     

This year OHPBA and NWHPBA are joining together to hold our conference at the Red Lion Hotel, Olympia, WA, May 18-20.

Online registration is open! To register or download the Registration form: Click HERE

Many of you can’t help but notice a major turn in activity with the building and remodeling industry. Home sales and high-end remodeling is definitely on the increase. This growth is a wave, and if you’ve ever been surfing, you know if you don’t start paddling early you will miss the wave.  Our conference, themed "Catching the Wave of the Building Industry," will provide engaging and inspiring sessions designed to help retailers catch that wave.

The conference is designed to provide retailers in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska with the knowledge, connections and confidence needed to enable them to get in on this new business growth.  The conference won’t be all work and no play, however. Sunday we will have a casual golf tournament and Monday night we will have a surf party reception and plenty of time to meet new people and visit with our manufacturers and reps! 

Speakers and Topics

Our first session, carrying the theme as the title, features speakers form the Building Industry Association in Oregon and Washington. Our next to sessions cover challenges faced by our industry, including challenges in government affairs, both nationally and locally. A panel of manufacturers will cover changes that are coming in the manufacturing process required to meet proposed new requirements for wood and pellet stoves. Monday’s sessions close with “Catching the Remodeling Wave” where we will hear from remodeling contractors about trends and “How to sell the whole wall.”Monday night join us for our Surf Party Reception, including plenty of time to visit exhibit tables, followed by dinner.

Tuesday morning we switch gears a bit and address marketing trends with two sessions, “Catching the Social Media Wave” and “Remodel Your Marketing: Hands-on Social Media Workshop.”

Red Lion Hotel

Red Lion Hotel Olympia is conveniently located on 12 lush acres in the heart of Olympia Washington, Washington's State Capital. Olympia offers historic sites as well as diverse shopping, plus educational and cultural opportunities.  Guests enjoy the relaxed atmosphere created outside by our wooded surroundings and inside by our beautiful lobby and fireplace.  The Red Lion Hotel Olympia is also known for our well-appointed 16,500 square feet of meeting space and spectacular banquet services. See the Red Lion atwww.redlion.com/our-hotels/washington/olympia.


In This Issue:

· Catch the Wave!

 · NSPS Rule Draft

· HPBA to hold Gov. Affairs Academy

· Welcome New Members!

· EXPO Pics!



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HPBA Issue Press Release on NSPS Rule Draft

HPBA recently sent out a press release that carefully expressed its position on the recent proposed standards on wood heaters. If you attended EXPO, you may have gone to the meeting that reviewed the proposals. For more news on this and other issues, check out OHPBA's Pressroom on the website. Click HERE.

Here is the release: 

HPBA Urges Thoughtful Review of Proposed NSPS Standards
Proposed EPA standards will mean higher costs, uncertain benefits and slowed clean air progress

Arlington, VA (March 19, 2014) – The Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA) reinforced its position regarding the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) for Residential Wood Heaters. Recent media reports have suggested erroneously that the proposed regulations would ban woodstoves and wood-burning altogether. Though HPBA supports revisions to the NSPS, the association reaffirmed that the proposed regulations, even as written, would not outlaw these appliances.

“Both the industry and EPA share the common goal of making further progress in reducing particulate loadings. It is good for our health and our businesses. But the proposal simply does not make reasonable data-driven conclusions on how best to tackle the issue,” said Jack Goldman, President & CEO of HPBA. 

"EPA has failed to provide any data showing that any of our manufacturer members can meet the new regulations as proposed."

Ironically, these proposed standards will have the perverse effect of slowing clean air progress.  If the standards are promulgated as written, the increase in cost for new woodstoves will be significant, compelling consumers to keep their old stoves in use. Today, over 6 million free standing stoves in operation are pre-1992, high polluting stoves.  The best thing that can happen for cleaner air is for every one of these stoves to get replaced as quickly as possible. 

According to Goldman, “In addition to downplaying the effects on the consumer,  EPA has failed to provide any data showing that any of our manufacturer members can meet the new regulations as proposed. The testing procedure to measure emissions is imprecise and does not reflect real world performance.  Competing in this numbers game will cause smaller companies to go out of business. Innovation will suffer and consumers will bear the burden of the costs with no guarantee of cleaner air.”

HPBA acknowledged the proposal will not outlaw or ban old or new wood burning appliances. But, the association urged EPA to establish reasonable regulations that will ensure that consumers who rely on wood heat can use their appliances for years to come.


HPBA Government Affairs Academy Returns

OHPBA to be Represented in Washington D.C.

HPBA has scheduled its Government Affairs Academy for this summer. The program was skipped last year but is back for 2014.

The program covers lobbying basics, national issues, and how to talk to elected officials. A good deal of time will be spent on techniques and tips for public speaking, particularly in front of the media and legislators. In addition, the final day is scheduled as a "Day on the Hill where attendees will be meeting their local congressional delegation and touring the Nation's Capitol.

Two people from Oregon/OHPBA have expressed interest in attending: Daniel Bonham, Maupin's Stoves and Spas and Richard Rindenour, Sunset Hearth and Home, Prineville.


Welcome New Members

OHPBA would like to welcome the following new members who joined in 2014:

Sunset Hearth and Home, Prineville, OR

Pyramid Heating and Cooling, Portland, OR

The Stove Store, Enterprise, OR


OHPBA EXPO Reception, Squatters Pub, Salt Lake City

Don Pierce, Tony DiDomenico, Wade Swearingen. Mark Warren and Matthew Clement. The crew from Smokey's Stoves, Grants Pass, OR
John and Fred Kirkpatrick. Kirk Newby, Marsha Dilley, and Dan Dilley. OHPBA and HPBA Pacific take over the second floor at Squatters Pub.
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