Oregon Hearth, Patio  
& Barbecue Association

OHPBA Annual Report

Here are the annual reports. Get a summary of OHPBA's acheivement during the year. What we accomplish is made possible by your dues!

Annual Report 2015: OHPBA renewal annual report 2015.pdf

Annual Report 2014: OHPBA renewal annual report 2014.pdf

Annual Report 2013: OHPBA renewal annual report 2013.pdf

Annual Report 2012: OHPBA renewal annual report 2012.pdf

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OHPBA, PO Box 135, Salem, OR 97308-0135, 503-585-8254, www.ohpba.org

Affiliated with Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association, Arlington, VA  www.hpba.org

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